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MotorWeek | Retro Review: 1986 Buick Century T-Type & Riviera CRT
Unions are to Blame not the VEGA

I can tell you about the Vega. It was the right car at the right time. But it was far more then just a car it was a state of the art production facility with state of the art robotics and automation. If it had been a sucsess they(GM) might have made the Datsan and Toyota, and those hysericly funny looking Honda car companies work a lot harder in taking over the US market during the next decade and dominating the world market 30 years latter. Vaga was going to build a car people could afford, it was relativly save for it's day offered exceptional gas milage, came in an array of models and colors and it was great looking ( Camero's little Brother). The unions hated it: not the actual car but the automation and modern assembly technics the new line showcased. The line, materials, and the individual cars had been constanty sabotaged by the workers. The poor companies that worked so hard on building this prodject came under fire from GM , everyone was blaming every one else on why the car wasnt turning out the way it was planned.The design, enginering and assembly would been fine If not for the U.A.W. and thier workers sabotaging GM's efforts with the Vega. Mabey just mabey we still would be pointing at and laughing at those funny Jap cars. Dont bit the hand that feeds you.




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